Tron(TRX) Collaborates With The Japanese Government On Blockchain Development

Tron (TRX) has been a leading name in the blockchain space, especially when it comes to the concept of decentralization. The company has made some ambitious leaps in recent times, to promote this concept further and experiment with distributed ledger technology for various projects.

In a statement today, Tron has revealed that it will be joining hands with the government of Japan to promote the sustainability of Tron DApp in the country’s market.

Considering that the Japanese market has been open to technology and especially accepting of blockchain technology, it only seems logical that they would allow Tron to use their national resources to promote DLT in the country.

Although the blockchain based DApps market is slowly becoming saturated with new developers entering the space every minute, Tron has maintained a significant lead in the race and has held on to its pioneer position as a leading blockchain-based decentralized application platforms.

This collaboration signifies that in the process of research and development and promotion of the decentralized application, Tron will be adhering to the local laws of Japan and will strictly follow the regulations set forth by the Japanese government.

The foundation is to take the entire adhering to laws bit extremely seriously and it has made it clear that it will not tolerate any gambling DApp for the Japanese market on its network. For this reason, Tron has instructed Japanese developers to not deploy any gambling DApp on its network.

This comes under the criminal code chapter 23, due to which all gambling activities have been expelled in Japan with exceptions to betting on horse racing and certain motor sports. This law has existed since more than 10 decades back.

Furthermore, the organization has also stated that if any developer notices a gambling app on the network with a Japanese IP, then they should immediately block the user.

This new collaboration is all set to be the latest most exciting project for the Japanese government in the field of tech.