Tron cryptocurrency price

Tron’s Market Gains Run Parallel with Ecosystem Developments

After Sunday’s crypto market bloodbath, the downward trend in the prices of cryptocurrencies doesn’t seem to die as top digital currencies remain in red on Monday, January 14, 2019. However, Tron, the world’s 8th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is seeing a reverse trend. This surge in Tron’s price can be attributed to recent development’s in Tron’s ecosystem.

Over the period of last 24 hours, Tron has witnessed an upsurge in both BTC and USD value. After surging 6.2%, the cryptocurrency’s value was back to the USD 0.0242 level. A push to USD 0.025 might be on the cards.

At the time of writing this news, the world’s 8th largest crypto by market capitalization was trading at the price of USD 0.023958. With an 8.2% increase in the value of BTC, one Tron is equal to 676 Satoshi.

Tron’s team is consistently trying to push the boundaries by evolving the Blockchain platform. The past few weeks have witnessed several key developments within the Tron ecosystem.

The project has successfully hired the regulatory expert, David Labhart. Labhart will focus on general counsel as well as compliance. The aforementioned are two key focus areas that can be improved further. The veteran comes with 9 years of experience at the Securities and Exchange Commission in the arena of emerging technologies.

The Tron team has also announced the launch of their BitTorrent token. While it is not yet clear whether the token will garner success or not, however, it seems to have put Tron on the right path.

When it comes to Tron’s decentralized application ecosystem, an interesting development has taken place within the TronDice game. Users can now earn dice tokens after placing their bets. This addition will not only have a positive effect on the game, but it will also serve well for the Tron ecosystem.

To conclude, Tron is making headways despite the sluggish crypto markets. It bodes well not just for Tron but also for other cryptocurrencies which could very well see a reversal in the current bear trend. In the coming hours, Tron could see a further upward swing.