Tron’s Justin Sun Wins $4.5 Million Bid To Have Lunch With Warren Buffet

Anyone, with an interest in investment must be familiar with the name of Warren Buffet.  As per reports from the 3rd of June, 2018, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron has recently taken to social media to announce the news of his winning a 4.5 million USD bid for a charity lunch with investment expert Warren Buffet.

As reported earlier, Buffet has publicly harboured negative views of digital assets going as far as to say the Bitcoins is “rat poison squared.”

Sun has said that he will utilize this opportunity to teach the wall street guru a thing or two about cryptocurrencies and blockchain ,noting that the advantages and potential of cryptocurrencies may have escaped Buffet. He said,

Even one of the most successful investors of all times can sometimes miss a coming wave… Buffet has admitted he overpaid for big investment good giant Kraft Heinz Co., while failing to realize the potential of the likes of Inc; Alphabet, the parent of Google and even Apple.”

It has been revealed that the money collected from Sun, as the bid is a part of the yearly auction for the Glide charity organization, which assists homeless people as well as other people in need. Bloomberg has reported that Sun’s bid is the highest one in the list of winning bids, made in the event for the previous years.

This news has received mixed responses from the crypto community. Some comments on Sun’s Twitter post was positive appreciating the fact that the proceeds were going to a charity. However, the post also garnered white a few negative comments, indicating that even the donation to the charity was an elaborate scheme to promote Tron and that the news itself was quite anticlimactic.