TRON’s Justin Sun Prepares For His Big Lunch With Warren Buffet

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent is keeping no stones unturned while preparing for his lunch with legendary investor Warren Buffet.

Sun announced on Twitter that he has selected Quince, a Michelin starred restaurant in San Francisco, for his grand lunch. The restaurant has even agreed to put Buffet’s favourite drink, Cherry Coke on the menu, on special request.
Sun said,

“After narrowing the choices to three, I ultimately chose Quince because its food represents the traditional and the upstart — much like the participants in the lunch itself.”

For the media, he will arrange for a press conference which will be held both before and after the big lunch. Buffett is expected to be present for only the morning press event, while Sun, to participate in both.

With the huge fluctuations in bitcoin pricing over the past week, Sun and Buffett will have plenty to talk about. Sun will have to explain with substantial evidence and justification that volatility is a feature, not a curse, that is attached to the biggest cryptocurrency. Since Buffett is a long-term investor and not a trader, Sun may even prove to be successful in this area, although presenting Bitcoin as a payment method will then become a matter of concern.

Justin Sun has revealed how he is going to approach his ideas in front of Warren Buffet. At first, he will discuss how some of the world’s biggest companies including Facebook, JPMorgan, and IBM each have their own respective blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

Next, he will focus on his own projects – Tron and BitTorren – how he plans to expand TRON and how he plans to integrate blockchain into BitTorrent for its 100 million users per month.
Sun has announced that Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee is among the seven guests that he will be inviting to the lunch. He has reportedly paid $4.75 million for the privilege of having this lunch, the proceeds of which will go to charity, This has been criticised by many as an attention-grabbing gesture but receiving the support of one of the richest men in the world will surely prove to be exciting for the whole crypto sector.