TRON Touches 100 DApp Milestone, Aims to Complete 1000 By Year End

TRON CEO’s announcement about the rescue fund for Ethereum network has finally paid off, as the network witnessed a total of 100 DApps active on its network.

Ethereum network developers were finding it difficult to maintain and run their DApps on the failing network. Thus, the announcement came in as a relief for the developers.

The announcement proved beneficial for the TRON network as the network experienced a boom of developers launching their dApps, just after the launch of TRON Virtual Machine. The rescue fund announced by Justin Sun came with a catch, the developers migrating to the TRON network would have to come in along with their dApps too.

TRON Pushes to Become Leading Network For DApps

TRON has put in special efforts to make its network efficient and friendly for developers looking for a platform to launch their DApps. The problems with the Ethereum network has given TRON an upper hand in grabbing the DApp market from the leaders.

The efforts seem to start bear fruits as one of TRON’s DApp TronBet has been performing better than Ethereum’s IDEX. In order to make the network more understandable and easier to operate on, TRON started a dapp weekly report to help other developers understand and use the network better.

The push for a Dapp friendly ecosystem has impacted the overall growth of the TRON network. The number of users has increased, the daily trading volume and the market price have improved significantly too, making the price of its native currency TRX make some significant gains.

Some of the better performing DApps on the TRON network includes,

  • proverbial gaming platform,
  • TronDice,
  • Odyssey,
  • Peiwo,
  • Cobo,
  • Gifto,
  • GSC

After reaching the 100 DApp milestone, now the network aims to make it to 1000 Dapps by the end of 2019.

Final Thoughts

The push by TRON shows its interest in being the leading network for DApps which in turn has impacted its market position and given a push to its market cap.  With the current rate of development and improvements in the TRON Virtual Machine, the network might add up to 1000 DApps by the end of this year.

TRON has already proven its worth in the Entertainment Blockchain Industry, by providing a platform for artist and brands on the basis of Smart contracts. The network might leave Ethereum behind with its current rate.