Tron To Teach Educational Courses On Blockchain, In Silicon Valley Uni

The Tron Foundation has partnered up with San Jose State University to launch new educational courses and events on blockchain. Students from local communities stand to benefit from this initiative by Tron.

Their twitter reads:

There is a recent trend that we have noticed in the market, that many blockchain companies are willing to launch initiatives relating to educational material centred around blockchain. Various colleges and universities around the world are looking to teach their students about the applications and technology that is blockchain.

Tron Foundation’s goal now for 2019 is to spread knowledge about crypto and DLT, and enable everyone to get to know these areas. In all probability, the courses taught in San Jose university will be about Tron itself and BitTorrent. This way, the Tron Foundation and Justin Sun have found another avenue to promote their platforms and coins.

Many universities around the world, are only now realizing the significance of technologies like blockchain and DLT. They now also realize how in demand professionals from this field are. Which is why education related to blockchain technology is finally being given importance in these universities.

These courses are a combination of both general knowledge data and practical skills of coding for programmers, so upon graduation, they have the skills required to land a job with any blockchain/crypto startup.

Some of the universities who have started the above programs are New York University, the University of California at Berkeley and many others, not only in the US. There are also plenty of online courses that teach these new technology areas to students willing to learn.