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TRON taking the pandemic advantage?

There are a lot of interesting and promotional processes that are run by many companies around the Globe to keep business running, especially the cryptocurrency related companies. This is the time where the usage of cryptocurrencies and related products can see a surge and that is one of the main reasons why a lot of those companies are self promoting themselves to improve their networking as well as business developments. There are a lot of key factors that these companies are focussing and mainly is to develop the brand value or the asset value of their coins. 

What is TRON upto?

One such prominent company that is on the streak of self promotion is TRON. The company is definitely known for self promotion and especially the CEO of the company, Justin Sun. He has been making sure that the operations behind TRON run successfully and this means that with overall improvements in the strategic field clause they have been trying to make the optimum usage of the situation at hand. 

TRON definitely seems to pull the extra cover especially with regard to the global pandemic and that is where TRON pulled a bigger play. TRON recently released their very own stablecoin named after their CEO Justin Sun. The coin named JUST is live on the platform and all the operations and transactions using JUST would primarily be happening through the Ripple network. 

What does the founder have to say?
Justin Sun said that the main idea behind Ripple to undertake such a resort is to mainly understand the fact that this is a time where the activity of users will be high on their networks considering the impeccable amount of services that are benefitting the current scenario. Most parts of the world have banned cash payments to prevent the spread of the pandemic as it is said that the virus can stay as long as 25 days on a bill. This means that there is an overall spike in digital transactions and with crypto related transactions almost legal and monetized in different parts of the globe, most of the users are logged into the network to make their payments and complete their bills. 

Justin Sun feels that it is the right time to understand the behaviour of new products. Try and test them on the platform to ensure that they develop a sense of understanding on how the actual product would work under normal conditions.