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TRON Now Accepted at Over 500,000+ Hotels Globally

TRON founder Justin Sun has announced that the TRX token can be used to book hotels through a blockchain based platform in over 210 countries. is a worldwide hotel booking platform that works with various chains of hotels across the globe, now the platform would allow the users to make payments in TRX token, which would definitely give a boost to the adoption of TRX. works with over 500,000 hotels across 210 countries and accepts crypto payments as well. TRON platform based TRX tokens is the latest addition to the network’s crypto payment list. The platform provides a great boost to the mass adoption of crypto.’s addition of TRX token to its list can prove beneficial for both the platforms. The hotel booking forum can see a surge of new customers looking for a way to spend their TRX beyond the trade markets. At the same time, it would also help the TRON network to gain much wider acceptance. has been known for bringing Blockchain based tokens to its platform and before the latest addition of TRX tokens, the platform had already made available the crypto payment options for BTC, XRP, EOS, BNB, stablecoins DAI, TUSD and such coins as NANO, DOGE.

What Changes Can TRX Expect After the Addition

TRON platform has been making a lot of development on its platform recently and the addition of its native token TRX on the would surely provide a necessary boost to the network’s chances to be much widely recognized and accepted. TRX token was the 15th addition on the hotel booking platform.

Cryptocurrency space is finally looking to debut in the main markets through these additions and it is a clear sign of maturing markets where the network is more focus towards the wiser adoption rather than the trade market gains and its store of value.

Final Thoughts

TRX tokens addition to the is a great boost for the token as it propels it to a market of over 500,000 hotels in 210 countries. The addition will not just boost a wider adoption of the token, but also reflect on its prices, as the crypto trade market is maturing and instead of solely relying on the PR buzz, adoption does play a major part.