TRON Cryptocurrency Development Team Expands from 2 to 40 Developers

The TRON foundation made some significant progress in 2018, right from surpassing the total number of transactions for BTC, ETH, XRP, and BCH combined on its network, to making TRON a perfect Blockchain Gaming platform.

TRON which started the year with just two core development engineers have expanded to over 40 development engineers. This would help the TRON Blockchain to stabilize and expand the network further. The focus of the team would be on strong performance and high scalability.

The head of TRON’s protocol, Marcus Zhao is quite optimistic about the latest addition, as he remembers the days when the small team of developers had to multitask and manage different aspects. Talking about the engineers added to the core team, Zhao says,

“They mostly come from prestigious internet companies such as Alibaba and Baidu. At the very beginning, which is eight, nine months ago our team only had two people.”

What Would Change With the Addition of 40 engineers to the Network?

2018 has been a significant year for TRON, when most of the cryptocurrencies were trying to find a way to stabilize and scale their network, amid crashing markets, TRON was able to touch new heights. Apart from that, in the last week itself, it has garnered over a million TRON accounts and 100 Million smart contracts.

TRON foundation was able to launch the Shasta Testnet by efficiently managing the workload among the two developers, while it expanded to 20 developers in June at the time of TRON main net launch.

Mr. Zhao explains the work division,

“Our team also broke down into three smaller groups, underlying architecture team, algorithm team, and virtual machine and smart contract team. Since then we’ve seen a big leap in the quality of our code and our public chain is becoming more stable each day.”

Now that the team has expanded to 40 developers, the workload will be managed better and we would be able to see TRON set new milestones in 2019. The founder of TRON foundation, Justin Sun has tweeted out some of the major achievement of the foundation in last year, his tweet read,

2018: Main Net launch, more transaction volume vs ETH, more accts vs EOS, 1M users in 183 days, 80+ DApps in 60 days, top 10 cryptos. 2019: Top 4, larger ecosystem vs ETH, @BitTorrent on the#blockchain, largest decentralized ecosystem. Happy New Year & thank you! $TRX