Tron in 2019

TRON 2019 Goals: A Larger Ecosystem Than Ethereum And 4th Crypto by Market Cap

Tron(TRX) emerged as one of the most popular cryptos with a strong media presence on its side. It now plans to overtake the crypto tokens present at the top of the crypto market. With a transaction rate of 2000 transactions/ second(TPS), it has already managed to beat BTC and ETH in the number of transactions handled on its network.

From the 43rd place in the global market cap at the end of October 2017, Tron managed to get to the 11th place in just one year. TRX has been consistent in its operations and has stayed in the top 15 for quite some time now.

The company has met all the deadlines assigned to them till now and is being called the most successful underdog by the crypto community.

Tommy Mustache, an active member on Twitter, amongst the crypto-community quoted:

“Tron had reached all the milestones it had set out to achieve for 2018.  Here are Justin predictions for 2019. One of them is to take Tron to the top 4 ranking on CMC  by the end of 2019. I will be happy with being 5th or 6th, but will not complain about being 4th for sure.”

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON has set high hopes for his company with plans to reach new heights in the new year. He has outlined a few goals for 2019, which includes

  • To reach the 4th position in terms of market cap
  • To build a bigger ecosystem than Ethereum
  • To incorporate Blockchain into BitTorrent

Make it to the Top 4

Currently ranked at 10th place, Tron wishes to be listed in the top 4. But this dream to make it to the top 4 might be a bit far-fetched as Bitcoin Cash ABC, that occupies the fourth place is valued at 2.8B USD market cap, which is nearly double that of Tron.

To Beat Ethereum’s Ecosystem

Ethereum’s Ecosystem has always been a reference for Justin Sun and Tron desires to beat it at any cost. Last year, Tron surpassed Ethereum in the TPS section and also managed to create dApps that gained popularity greater than Ethereum.

To Incorporate Tron Blockchain into BitTorrent 100M

Tron plans to develop a token for BitTorrent, integrating its operations with the former’s blockchain. Such an implementation will increase Tron’s dominance in the market.