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Track Your Thanksgiving Turkey With Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been used to track and monitor a lot of items like wine, coffee etc. Recently, the Chinese discovered a way to track charity donations with blockchain. Hopping on to that bandwagon, Thanksgiving, blockchain technology will also enable you to track turkey.

Cargill, which is a Minnesota-based American food distributor, has after years of survey, launched a program which will allow one to trace the origin and life cycle of turkey. They experimented with this technology last year and this year they are all set to launch it in public.

The survey conducted by Cargill’s Honeysuckle White brand reveals that nearly 88% of consumers have demanded an increased visibility into food production. People want to be more aware about where their food is coming from and how it has been treated. A large sum of these people, about 80%, wished to consume Thanksgiving turkeys which came from family farms.

Last year, this brand declared that they will be collaborating with four of its turkey farms in a blockchain-based traceability program. Considering the large number of people who had expressed interest in tracing their food, this move came as a brilliant sign of the company’s dedication to maintaining transparency.

The turkeys that came from these 4 farms to be sold in the Cargill stores, all had a special code on their packaging. When this code is entered on a smartphone, customers can have a complete view of the details of the turkey. Since the program was immensely successful last year, they plan to reintroduce the program to this year’s Thanksgiving. It will be launched on a much bigger scale this year and will contain full third of Honeysuckle White’s fresh Thanksgiving turkeys.

Honeysuckle White brand manager, Kassie Long, says

“We launched this program as a pilot in 2017 and are expanding it this year to meet increased consumer demand for farm to fork transparency”

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