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Tony Robbins Becomes Bitcoin Expert

Tony Robbins is famous for fire-walking amid his motivational speaking engagements, and selling his “Personal Power” self-help series to the professionals who are looking to maximize their potential. In later years, he has taken to giving advice about the finances as well as wealth management.

Recently he posted an article entitled “What You Need To Know About Bitcoin on a website under his name. The article reads, in part –

Bitcoin is decentralized. No single bank, government, company or individual owns the network or has control over it. This means that your accounts can never be frozen, a government cannot devalue the currency, it can be used in every country, and, more ominously, because of the anonymous nature of bitcoin, the technically savvy can avoid taxation and use bitcoin as payment for any kind of illegal good or service.

Since this is the first article to appear on Robbins’ website about Bitcoin, he articulated it as a gamble last year.

He told to CNBC –

I think [bitcoin] is very iffy. I don’t have a clue. I look at that as it’s like going to Vegas.

Is He The Next Bitcoin Jesus?

We can speculate that the posting of an article on regarding Bitcoin is likely dipping his toes in the water. In case the article garners much of the attention, it may not be long before Robbins is the next Bitcoin evangelist, educating people and teaching them how not to get rekt.

Indeed, Bitcoin dependably has its share of evangelists. Andreas Antonopoulos primarily travels the world addressing the audiences on the nature and significance of Bitcoin, and his book Mastering Bitcoin is known as one of the most important books on the subject.

One thing is for sure that Tony Robbins has a wide reach. If he were to become a Bitcoin proponent all of a sudden amid the next bull run, then it could feasibly take him from millionaire to billionaire.