Tolling Interoperability Solution To Be Achieved With Hyperledger Fabric

A recent press release tells us that major US tolling firm, the Milligan Partners, has tied up with DLT (distributed ledger technology) company to launch a smart tolling solution based in the Hyperledger Fabric. This solution, to be known as the Tolling. Network is meant to increase and improve toll interoperability.

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The usage of blockchain technology across a diverse number of use cases is hardly anything new. Yet, this innovative application does seem to be promising in terms of where DLT and blockchain can go in the future.

This partnership, in particular, is aimed at boosting efficiency and allowing for a higher level of transparency and easy interoperability between various agencies that are involved. The solution is also expected to help with cross-border interoperability within the tolling industry as well.

Matt Milligan, who serves as the Managing Partner of Milligan Partners and has also helped co-found, had a great deal of enthusiasm about the novel change their new DLT-based solution is seeking to bring. He commented:

 “For at least the last ten years, the US toll industry has been trying to solve the problem of National Interoperability, and we believe the solution is blockchain technology. We also believe that an open source project is the right way to go. Government agencies need a cost-effective and innovative option, and that hasn’t existed… until now.”

The US tolling industry has seen several bottlenecks in interoperability over the course of its long history and it remains to be seen if this partnership truly brings the revolution it promises to usher in. Echoing his co-managing partner, Tyler Milligan commented:

“When we started the Tolling.Network project, we were drawn to Hyperledger because it doesn’t rely on cryptocurrency. We understand how much toll agencies need security and stability, and that’s what we designed Tolling.Network to provide.”

All tolling solutions currently in use have a hub-based model, and this solution,using blockchain smart contracts and distributed ledger technology to ensure ease, flexibility and interoperability, is quite unique. As its official website tells us:

“Tolling.Network is a blockchain system built on Hyperledger that allows you to be fully interoperable without going through a central hub. It provides a trusted source of shared information, and ensures incredibly efficient peer-to-peer interactions.”