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Tobacco Retailers in France to Soon Sell Bitcoin

In a bid to encourage the adoption of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency among the masses, French company Keplerk is all set to bring Bitcoin to tobacco retailers spread across the European nation of France.

With Bitcoin trading at USD 4,565.87 (at the time of writing), the currency is presently worth half of what it was worth at the same time last year. The crypto markets have been seeing red, yet all this doesn’t seem to concern the French FinTech company Keplerk.

If you are in France, and fancy buying some Bitcoin as you stock up on your favourite smoke, then Keplerk might just make your dreams come true. Yes, buying Bitcoin while you go shopping for cigarettes might sound like a fantasy straight out of your dreams, but all this is set to come true sooner than later.

After collaboration with a cash register software provider firm, Keplerk  is aiming to bring the digital currency to tobacconists all across the nation. With the developed software, tobacco retailers will be able to sell vouchers to their customers. These vouchers could be redeemed on Keplerk’s platform for Bitcoin. Keplerk also offers digital wallet services to the users. Every transaction made on the Keplerk platform will be charged a 7% fee as commission.

The Director for Strategy and Development at Keplerk, Adil Zakhar, elaborates on the firm’s upcoming offering:

“Tobacco shop owners are the best channel as they are trusted by customers and they are used to sell vouchers such as credit for mobile phones. Soon, if all goes to plan, these owners will be able to add cryptocurrency vouchers to their lists of goods offered.”

France is making inroads for the cryptocurrency industry by working on an ICO framework draft. Even though the European nation wants to capitalize on the crypto industry, however the central bank does not promote Keplerk’s initiative.