Forbes 30-Under-30

This Year’s Forbes 30-Under-30 List Represents Four Young Founders

The cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem is well represented in this year’s 30-Under-30 list of Forbes with four young CEOs and founder aged somewhere between 25 to 28 featured for their work on blockchain scaling, crypto finance, and crypto asset management.

Hunter Horsley (28), JB Rubinovitz (26), Nader AL-Naji (26) and Olaoluwa Osuntokun (25) have made their debut on 2018’s list after applying for blockchain technology to solve the real-world issues via their various startups.

Olaoluwa Osuntokun is featured due to his work on developing a scaling solution for the Bitcoin Blockchain. The co-founder of Lightning Labs who moved from Nigeria to the US as a child has happily raised more than $2.5 million toward enhancing the transaction speed of bitcoin with the aim of someday making this digital currency an easily usable, and reliable system to carry out relatively low-value transactions like Venmo and Cash App.

On the other hand, Nader Al-Naji has raised more than $133 million from the investors’ stellar list which includes Stanley Druckenmiller, Andreessen Horowitz, and Bain Capital to develop a US Dollar-pegged stablecoin, basis, which aims to replace central banks in nations which are suffering from currency volatility like Zimbabwe and Venezuela. Different from the most existing stablecoins, Basis aims to maintain its USD peg by algorithmically decreasing as well as increasing its supply rather than being backed by actual currency reserves in one account. With that, Basis intends to provide a new paradigm of economic stability to the people in nations which are currently wracked by political turmoil.

The co-founder of Bail Bloc, JB Rubinovitz utilizes a cryptocurrency mining system for raising bail for only qualified individuals who can’t afford it. It’s particularly a serious social problem in the US where roughly 60% of detainees are waiting for their trial, of whom only 9 out of 10 remain in detention simply because they can’t afford to post the required bail sum.

The CEO of Bitwise Asset Management, Hunter Horsley, currently maintains four crypto indices which are used by over 600 multifamily offices. It’s an important element in an eventual mainstreaming of crypto asses.