These Indian Cities are Thriving Centres of Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency space has come a long way from its initial days when the larger population either did not understand the concept or were critical towards it. Now that cryptocurrency has lost the aura of uncertainty around it and governments are looking to bring in healthy crypto regulations, the crypto related jobs are thriving as well.

India, which has become a thriving focal point for the globalization in recent times is not far from introducing crypto regulations quite soon. So, it’s only understandable that the crypto job sector in the country is thriving. We will look at some of the major hotspot cities in India which have emerged as the leading centers for crypto-related jobs.

Bengaluru Tops the list of Indian Cities

As per the data published by an Indian job listing platform, Bengaluru the cyber hub of India also tops the list of thriving centers offering crypto related jobs. The second spot is taken by the Pune followed by Hyderabad. Mumbai which was at the second spot last year has slid down to the seventh spot

Money control, a market analysis firm elaborated,

Bengaluru maintained the lead as the city with the most jobs in the cryptocurrency field. Pune is followed by Hyderabad, Noida, and Gurgaon, making up the top five destinations for crypto-careers in India.

Another discovery made through the latest analysis suggests that Ahmedabad and Thiruvananthapuram which were not in the list until last year debut in top 10 this year. The report also suggests that the southern counterparts are leading the north by quite an extent despite over growing demands in the North.

Venkata Machavarapu, director of Indeed a job listing platform explains,

“Given the enormous scope of blockchain technology, crypto careers offer newer avenues to explore, provided one has the requisite skills, Demand for such skilled professionals has been steadily on the rise, as observed in 2018, with technology hubs such as Bengaluru and Hyderabad continuing to create the maximum number of opportunities.”

With Crypto Regulations Expected to commence sooner than later as the Supreme court of India has given an ultimatum of weeks to the central government, we can expect to see the crypto industry boom to new heights in India.

Crypto Regulations Being Finalized In India

Indian government earlier declared the use of crypto as illegal and that created a lot of confusion among the crypto enthusiast. People interpreted the government’s decision as an outright ban. In reality, all government said was, it does not recognize crypto as an entity as it is cautious over its use.

What it means is you cannot use crypto to buy your daily needs, using crypto for trading or anything else won’t land you in any trouble. However, the cloud of uncertainty seems to be fading away as the current government has made it clear that they are finalizing the crypto regulation framework.and the delays in finalizing is only due to the cautious approach.

If you are a crypto bull, blockchain developer or in a profession related to the crypto space in any way, it’s good to be optimistic for the days to come. Once India opens its gate for crypto regulations, within no time you can see the place becoming a global hotspot for many crypto products and services.