The Winklevoss Twins Are Once Again Crypto Billionaires

The Winklevoss twins have invested majorly in BTC and that’s a public fact. Back in 2017, they were one of the crypto billionaires in the market. However, like every other crypto trader, they were hit hard by the crypto winter. Well, the bad times are now behind them.

The twins are once again crypto billionaires, all thanks to the strong bull run of BTC in the market. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, went from billionaires to ‘millionaires’ and now they can once again be grouped under the category of ‘billionaires’.

The Winklevoss twins gained fame after the popular movie ‘The Social Network’ was made around their failed attempt to prove that they were the actual founders of Facebook. Irrespective of whether what was shown in the film was factually correct or not, it is public knowledge that the twins won a $65 million settlement in the lawsuit they filed against Zuckerberg.

It was prudent of them to invest a significant chunk of that money into Bitcoin, as soon as they won the lawsuit. They can now comfortably reap off the benefits of those early investments as the price of BTC is on an unprecedented bull run.

Currently, their Bitcoin holdings amount to  $1.4 billion, which categorizes them as billionaires once again. Once again, it was prudent thinking on their part to not sell off their holdings, but be patient and have faith in an imminent resurgence of the price of BTC, and the crypto has not disappointed.

This goes to show that the market is extremely unpredictable, but if you manage to keep your wits about you and remain patient, you can actually play the investment game to your own benefit.