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The SEC is looking to get a Crypto Specialist On-Board As Legal Advisor

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking to get a crypto specialist on board to help it deal with legal aspects related to cryptocurrencies. According to the job posting website, USA jobs, a government job posting website, the SEC is looking to hire a new legal expert in order to help the commission form a comprehensive road map in order to address crypto and digital asset security.

One of the key responsibilities of the legal crypto expert would be to apply their “knowledge of federal securities laws to digital asset securities and crypto matters, i.e., broker-dealer, exchange, clearing agency, and transfer registrations, exchange product applications, sales, and trading practices, etc.”

The selected candidate would also represent the SEC as a lead in their Fintech Working Group and as a liaison with the Financial Stability Oversight Council’s (FSOC’s) Digital Assets Working Group.

As per the advertisement published on the portal, the selected candidate would serve as a point of contact for  U.S. and international regulators, market participants and the public.

What are the Basic Requirements to Apply for the Job?

The job description requires the candidates to hold a Juris Doctor(JD) or  Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree, and the candidate must have an active member of the Federal Bar Association. The candidate must not have any bad reputation or behavioral issues and, must be in good standing.

The candidate must also possess 4 years of work experience post the completion of JD as a practicing attorney dealing with interpreting and applying laws related to the Security industry. If the candidate has prior knowledge and working experience in the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, among other regulatory areas, it would be an added bonus.

The role as the legal expert of the US SEC would be given for a two-year period, where the salary on offer ranges from $144,850–$238,787 a year. The closing date for application is April 12.

Final Thoughts

The move from the SEC to hire a crypto legal expert looks encouraging as it shows that the SEC is concerned over the crypto use and wants to ensure the right measures so that the valuable assets reach the right audience without them being concerned over the security of the consumers.