The Number of Bitcoin ATMs is On The Rise

Bitcoin ATMs offer great convenience to regular crypto users and the sheer ease of use associated with this machine is enough reason for crypto enthusiasts to flock to these ATMs. The problem with such ATMs has always been the fact that they are not universally available. But of late, that problem seems to be getting solved, with the number of ATM installation in this month, July 2019, reaching an all-time high.

Bitcoin ATMs, which are basically kiosks where people can buy Bitcoins against a small fee to account for the high level of convenience, are being demanded more and more all around the world. The primary appeal of such a machine seems to be that it allows people to buy Bitcoin using both debit card and their cash. The requisite amount of crypto is then transferred to the crypto wallet of the concerned user. Many of these ATMs allow both buying and selling services, allowing for a larger extent of convenience.

Bitcoin ATMs can be used through both cash and transfers from a linked bank account. Even though Bitcoin kiosks look like traditional ATMs, they are nothing like them. Yet, they are just as helpful to the usual crypto users as they offer ease, speed and flexibility in getting hold of crypto like nothing else.

After the first Bitcoin ATM was installed back in 2014, the world has seen a large growth in the number of Bitcoin ATMs to have been installed all around the world. The frequency of Bitcoin ATM installation has gone up by many times but the highest number of Bitcoin ATM installations, 255, in March 2018, has not been beaten, till now. This month, it has been reported that over 250 Bitcoins have already been installed all around the world. Clearly, the number of Bitcoin ATMs is on the rise, and the number of Bitcoin enthusiasts will hopefully also keep pace.