The Most Powerful Blockchain Project of 2018 Goes To Bit Capital Vendor (BCV)

The fourth China New Economic Model Innovation and Development summit commenced on 12th January. The theme of the ceremony was “Innovative Economy Commanding the Future.” During the ceremony, Bit Capital Vendor (BCV) received numerous awards for its work in the field of Blockchain.

Bit Capital Vendor (BCV) was awarded “Leading Global Team of 2018 in the Blockchain Industry,” “Innovation Star of 2018 in Blockchain Fintech” and “The Most Powerful Blockchain Project in the World in 2018.”

The jury for the award took various parameters into consideration which included, public opinion monitoring from the internet, big-data, cloud computing and expert reviews to rank the participants. BCV won a total of three awards, making it one of the standout performers at the event. The awards also reflected the success story of BCV both in terms of market value and work in the field of blockchain technology.

What is Bit Capital Vendor?

BCV is a digital asset management company at the core, which is focused on creating user-valued product and applications. BCV is currently working on a three-layered-ecosystem, where the upper layer would have tools, a wallet in the middle layer, and a digital management chain on the bottom layer.

With fast iterative upgrades to its wallet and the applications within has attracted many high-quality ecosystem partners. The user base has already buffed up to 100,000, thanks to the three major upgrades with multilingual support within the wallet.

The Blockchain Factor

BCV’s multi-layered ecosystem is based on Blockchain technology, and the firm’s equal focus on the bottom layer along with the R&D help it enhance their network more efficiently. The development of the bottom or core layer of digital asset management would help the company to build an application creation platform at the top layer.

BCV aims to provide all the tools and resources on its network for investing, financing and asset management, serving both project organizers and investors.

The constant efficiency process can see BCV propel to new heights, and its experience in the development of distributed networks would help it to scale further. The recent hat trick of awards is the testimony of BCV’s achievement in the past year. Hopefully, it continues to grow in the same fashion.