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The dark market scenario!

There have been ample instances where digital currencies have given a lot of advantages. The times where people relied on cryptocurrency to conduct trade. The biggest advantage with the crypto currency is that it is not actual money and the efforts that go behind in storing actual money is not present when it comes to digital currency. There is also a major advantage that crypto money is easily accessible and you can transfer huge volumes without a lot of security protocols. 

Times of panic is favourable for Cryptocurrencies:

Now given that crypto currency has a lot of advantages, it also has an equivalent share of disadvantages that anyone who has the brains can hack into the system and get a hold of the assets that you have stored in a digital storage. The companies in the crypto world are constantly trying to ensure that all the transactions that they are taking with regard to the same benefit them and help in developing their trust with their clients. 

Being said that, it is also a place where a lot of illegal transactions take place and most of the mafias and terrorists have been rumoured to be using these channels as a source to get a hold of their treasures and assets. With the prevailing pandemic on the scene, it is evident that crypto related transactions can hold a valid asset to complete transactions during testing times, but the problem is that there are a ton load of other things that can go wrong at the same time. 

What’s selling?

We all know the requirement for masks and covid-19 test kits during this pandemic and this is what the unclaimed lords of the dark web have hooked onto. The dark web now sells N-95 masks that retails for $10 a piece. The hotshots of the dark web are hosting and selling the same for at a price of $2 at bulk purchases only with a slight tweak, they accept payment with Bitcoins and other relevant cryptocurrencies. They are also trying to sell the covid-19 test at $92, a kit which is pretty much a marketing scam. There are instances where there have been tons of things that require constant attention and the development of trade in illegal market places is something that needs to be controlled. Many of the experts predict that as good as a deed as it may sound on the outside there is a high possibility that there is something dark that lies in the background!