The Crypto Craze has spread to Most Institutions

One of the fastest growing industries, blockchain technology which is known for reducing cost and increasing efficiency is now becoming a major course in most of the top universities and colleges. As more and more industries in every corner of the world are adopting blockchain technology, the demand for blockchain skilled workforce is increasing. And it is expected that this demand will even increase at a rapid pace in near future. To meet the increasing demand of blockchain skilled workforce most institutions around the world have started to offer courses related to blockchain technology.

According to a recent survey conducted by one of the biggest crypto exchange, out of the top 50 universities in the world, around 42% are offering blockchain related courses. Some of them even offering more than one course related to blockchain technology. Universities from the United States are topping the cart in offering blockchain related courses. The New York University (NYU) has even added blockchain courses to its major courses to be studied. NYU has become the first university in the world to do so. NYS Stern School of Business is expected to offer the blockchain related program to potential students who have shown their interest in the program. NYS Stern School of Business has even arranged large rooms to host the lectures on blockchain technology. It is expected that more than 100 students will join the three-year-long blockchain course. It is a big new for the crypto industry. Blockchain related courses offered by the top universities around the world are further boosting the popularity of the blockchain technology. Other than NYU, some elite universities which are offering blockchain and cryptocurrency related courses are Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, MIT, and Stanford University.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain related courses are often jam-packed and most of them have waiting lists. Besides offering the graduate level courses University of California, Berkeley is even making blockchain clubs for students. The demand for such clubs is so high that the students have to go through a three-round application process. In the last application window, only 4% were accepted. Students of blockchain related clubs work for the fortune 500 companies such as Airbus and Qualcomm. One of the groups from the club has even formed a hedge fund which has raised $20 million.

The way blockchain technology is blowing up, it was necessary to understand the innovation. The adoption of blockchain by top universities as a subject to be studied will definitely produce a highly skilled workforce and will lead to more innovation and improvements in the field of blockchain technology.