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The Countdown has begun for PIVX’s Crypto Exchange ZDEX

Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX), the MIT licensed open source, blockchain based cryptocurrency is going to launch its own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange ZDEX on 1st November 2018.

The countdown has already begun on the ZDEX website. In a recent tweet, PIVX said that the first ZKP privacy enabled the decentralised exchange of the world, ZDEX is coming soon, and the countdown has begun.

ZDEX will run on the master node network of PIVX and will enable direct trading of zPIV with multiple cryptocurrencies. PIVX, the privacy coin leverages a customised Zerocoin protocol. PIVX is a cryptocurrency with ultra-fast transactions, high network decentralization, low fees, and zero knowledge cryptography proofs for industry-leading transaction anonymity.

PIVX, ZDEX will be the first private in-wallet decentralized exchange in the crypto world. Previously, PIVX was in the news for being the world’s first Zerocoin which is utilizing the proof of stake consensus algorithm, called zPoS. It allows complete privacy of the balance and transactions while staking. Decentralized network of master nodes allows feature services such as community governance and treasury management. To offer low transaction fees, PIVX has implemented SwiftTX feature which processes and confirms transaction in just seconds at extremely low fees. To ensure the fungibility, increasing real-world utilization, and to improve network scalability PIVX is focused on advancing its privacy technology.

In the third quarter of 2018, PIVX announced the launch of its very own crypto exchange ZDEX. The exchange is designed to withstand privacy coin regulations that are being mulled by the regulators around the globe. Now PIVX is ready to launch its crypto exchange. According to the announcement, the ZDEX will allow the users to purchase the anonymous form of PIVX’s currency zPIV. The cryptocurrency is traditionally only minted in transactions. The coin is anonymous and product of Zerocoin protocol. Zerocoin protocol also provides PIVX network with a protocol level coin mixing service using zero-knowledge proofs to create untraceable and anonymous transactions.

ZDEX is going to offer more privacy, security, and convenience to the users. With ZDEX users do not have to be dependent on the security of centralized exchanges.