The Chinese Are Looking Up Libra On Google More Than Any Of Us

Google searches and the patterns that emerge have always revealed interesting facts, and today is no exception. It seems that the Chinese are most interested about the upcoming pet crypto project of Facebook, Libra.

According to the figures, China is the global leader in terms of google searches for “Facebook Libra”, almost a month after the release of Libra’s white paper, states Cointelegraph. With US-China relations being considerably strained, it is indeed expected that China would want to keep close tabs on Facebook’s project.

Based on the data available on google search trends, China has the highest percentage of search queries for Libra. The other countries on the top five are St. Helena, Singapore, Hong Kong and Luxembourg. However, the search has been run relatively less in the United States of America, which ranks on the 25th position in the list.

Additionally, China’s most popular social media network Weibo also indicates that there has been considerable interest in Libra from the Chinese. Also, the Chinese version of Twitter, Cnledger has reported today that queries for “Libra will compete with Alipay and WeChat” is currentoly the second most popular search on Weibo.

Alibaba Group Holding’s Alipay andTencent Holdings’ WeChat are both Chinese products, which makes this payment solution rivalry all the more interesting and personal for the country of China.David Marcus, head of Facebook’s blockchain subsidiary Calibra, has already confirmed that the company is planning to compete with these two payment solution.

Understandably, the Chinese people want to keep tabs on what’s happening with Libra and if it is indeed going to be a threat to these two Chinese giants.