The Canadian Government Endows A New Ethereum Blockchain

BTC Wires: On Monday, the National Research Council of Canada, or the NRC in short, made an announcement that it has created a new Ethereum blockchain explorer. The organization came out with a news release where it wrote that they have now developed their Industrial Research Assistant Program (IRAP) in such a way that it can now host the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) Explorer. For this, it will be taking the aid of a blockchain startup called Bitaccess and its services.

The release said that the use of IPFS will make sure that web applications are immutable and unalterable, so that the content always remains online, even a long way into the future, irrespective of whether or not the original host is still online or not. As per what Bitaccess has said, the explorer will enable users to search within the ethereum blockchain for data and contribution data published proactively.

The NRC further stated that although these are the initial days of the initiative, the NRC IRPA’s efforts to explore the various facets of blockchain are likely to yield information and insight into how much potential the technology holds. In addition, it will also help gauge how it can be utilised to make public programs more open, transparent and reliable.

As per the post that was put out, NRC IRAP had launched the first live trial of the Government of Canada’s public blockchain technology powered by Ethereum in January 2018. This live trial had been aimed at making government contract administration more transparent than it was. Ever since the trial had been launched, the program continued to explore the various other ways to use and apply blockchain technology.

The IPFS is geared towards creating a web that stores data with a greater degree of permanence, using the ability to create several copies of it to do so. When news of it first broke, it had managed to catch the eye of many people worldwide as they were already in the midst of a heated debate on whether or not the new US Government would or could make Government agency data vanish completely.

In the words of Bitaccess co-founder Moe Adham, the company is trying to “enable constituents to participate in the verification and validation of public information.”