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The Bitcoin Man Joins Israeli Blockchain Project, TEVEL

It was recently announced by the Israeli blockchain project, TEVEL which is a location-based social media platform, that Herbert R. Sim, often called The Bitcoin Man, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency influencers, has officially joined the platform as an investor and advisor.

Mr Sim,  who is the founder of the world’s oldest repository for compiling blockchain and crypto research papers — Crypto Chain University will be a valuable addition to the team. Daniel Danilovich, the CEO and Founder of TEVEL said,

“Herbert is definitely among the top thought-leaders and influencers in the industry of Blockchain and Crypto, and we are most honoured to welcome him as our investor, and advisor… Since my foray into the industry, I have followed his writing contributions on Forbes, as well as his personal opinion writings at his website –”

When Herbert was asked about the same, he said,

“I am humbled to be part of the TEVEL team and the project itself, which shows promising use-case, and real-life application, of which will prove to be a revolutionary product scaling across geographical boundaries… Together with Daniel and the rest of the team, we will bridge the gap between blockchain technology and real life.”

Mr Sim, a brilliant marketer who is known globally, brings to the table considerable expertise, both technical and industry-specific to TEVEL. His previous positions include serving as the Chief Marketing Officer of Cryptology exchange and also Global Operations Director at Huobi Global. It was in 2010, after reading the Cyphernomicon and the Cypherpunk Manifesto that Mr Sim became a fierce advocate of decentralisation, and has since worked to make knowledge and education available and free-for-all. He thus founded CCU as a repository to compile research papers in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and making it open-source. He now tries to target people from all walks of life, by using illustration and subtly introducing the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency in general.

TEVEL, one of the projects of Israeli company COFC technologies, is a platform where a virtual world is united with the real world that combines all location-based service in one place, by which all public events that occur on the map will be recorded using the blockchain technology. TEVEL connects you to everything around you, whereby you can manage your wallet, receive and send payments using COFC tokens, meet new people, as well as manage your profile, and more.

On the business end, retailers and brands can give discounts, coupons, and gifts to users providing a fantastic marketing channel for their target audience. TEVEL also has a generic system with the integration of artificial intelligence that allows business owners to build and manage a menu according to their business needs, users can also purchase through the platform, and lots more.