The 2018 Kolkata Global Blockchain Congress: Day 2 Brings In More Dignitaries

With the first day of West Bengal’s first Blockchain Conference wrapping up on a promising note, day 2 brings us a host of new experts from a wide range of technical fields – from academia to corporate and from large businesses to promising new start-ups.

Day 1 was primarily focused on establishing where the world stands regarding Blockchain, with industry experts like Ms. Rosine Kadamani from Brazil’s Blockchain Academy and Professor Bart Preneel from Belgium speaking about how Blockchain is being integrated into academics and how dedicated institutes are starting to come up as this promising new technology gets more and more implemented across the world.

Day 2, however, sets its focus on the future.

Opening first today will be Prof. Kouichi Sakurai of Kyushu University, Japan who will be speaking on ‘Security, Privacy and Trust of Blockchain’. Professor Sakurai has authored and co-authored several research papers on a wide range of technological issues ranging from Cyber Security to new ideas for cloud computing.

The next speaker in line is the General Manager of the Singapore Division of IBM Corporation, Mr. Rajesh Nambiar, who will be providing fresh insights ‘Towards the Economic Utopia of a Wasteless World’. With over 12 years of experience working for the tech giant, it will be interesting to hear his opinions on where the tech world is going in the next few years.

Taking the stage together next will be Mr. Junya Yoshizaki and Mr. Saurav Kumar Tomar. As colleagues at the same Malaysian firm, Chaintope, they will be discussing the scope of ‘Quantifying Social Capital With Blockchain’ and ‘Blockchain in the Energy Sector’. 

Up next is Bandhan Bank’s Founder, MD, and CEO, Mr. Chandrasekhar Ghosh who will be talking about something a little bit more personal, ‘Story of My Life.’ With 17 years of experience in the Indian banking sector and having personally known the experience of starting from scratch, it will definitely be an interesting angle of approach to the event’s agenda.

Wrapping up the final day at the event will be the release of a co-branded ‘thought leadership paper’ by PWC and Webel and the E&Y and Webel booklet on Blockchain, to be conducted by Dr. Amit Mitra, Hon’ble Minister in Charge, Finance, Information Technology and Electronics, Industry Commerce & Enterprises, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and Textiles, Government of West Bengal.

Finally, the award ceremony for the best Tweet of the event, “Twitter Ambassador” and the Winner of “Call for Projects” will see to the end of Global Blockchain Congress – Consensus 2018, Kolkata.

Team BTCWires will have a ground team conducting interviews of the speakers and other notable guests and will keep you updated with live quotes and photos as the event progresses.

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