Tezos Foundation Signs MOU With Yonsei University To Develop Blockchain Technology

Tezos Foundation in its recent bid to expand and explore blockchain technology signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Yonsei University. The partnership aims for the development of unique talents and better expertise in the field of Blockchain. In latest press release Tezos says,

“Through this agreement, both sides will strengthen the expertise of the blockchain and education expertise, and discuss various cooperation opportunities to lead the blockchain field.”

Yonsei university hosts the Digital Society Research Center for Seoul, and with the recently signed MOU with Tezos’s South Korean arm, both parties aim to provide  “blockchain cooperation, education, training of Objective Calm and experts in the development of smart contracts.”

Tezos foundation has been investing in the future of Blockchain through various granted proposals and resources. Earlier this year it issued aid to four separate institutions for the development of blockchain based technology and smart contracts.

Last month it granted aid to three other institutions for the development of tools and applications to maintain the stability of the blockchain ecosystem. Some of the firms which received the aids include, Papers and Ackee and active contributor and developer Luiz Milfont.

Ackee has been brought on-board to produce Tezos development kits for the iOS platform, on the other hand ‘Papers’ will develop an open-source library which can be used as a dev toolkit as well.

IT developer Milffont was rewarded for his contribution towards the development of blockchain technology. He developed TezosJ SDK library aimed at providing Android developers with necessary tools and applications that work with Tezos Blockchain. His addition to the project is aimed at developing more such libraries. These libraries would make it easier for developers to incorporate Tezos in the form of software and platform development.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the professional service provider, has been brought on board of Tezos to conduct an external audit of finances for the firm.

Final Thoughts:

Looking at the investments and grants offered by Tezos to multiple organizations and certain individuals, it can be easily understood how serious the firm is when it comes to the development of Blockchain technology. Tezos is doing the basics right; instead of solely focusing on creating a by-product (Tezos token) of blockchain technology, they are more concerned on expanding the technology enough to reap the fruits in coming years.

New technology such as blockchain currently needs more refining and development than the final products based on it.  We believe this must be the way to move forward, put your money in making the technology better so that the products based on it do not backfire.

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