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Tether is all gold-fingers in the Blockchain space

There are a lot of new products that are being pinned to the Blockchain space as many of the product owners are revolving around the fact that crypto-space is a very good platform to boost sales. The blockchain space would require more and more developments to push the sales of the products in the market. 

What is new

There are many examples to back up that the crypto-space is a valid space to boost the performance of the product in the market. Nike very recently launched its Crypto-kicks project that attracted a lot of customers to their niche and there were convincing factors for the buyers to get the crypto-pinned sneakers. 

Following the same route, Tether one of the biggest providers of a stable coin whose value is capped at around nearly $4.6 billion recently decided to take over the product path. The company recently launched its new flagship product, Tether Gold.

They say that the company’s decision to begin operations in this regard is to ensure that there is a proper flow of digital currency and also there is proper security attached when it comes to dealing with digital currency. 

Tether Gold or XAU is definitely something new the crypto-world is about to witness in terms of products. The safety and assurance that Physical gold provides when it comes to attaching them with digital assets definitely raises the bar high.

They are planning to release the product along with the Ethereum and the Tron blockchain network as a part of the initial sweep. They are also relying on the Blockchain network of them as they feel that it is highly important to regularize the product before it blows off into the massive scale. They feel that the product pegged along with Ethereum and Tron tokens will help them the performance of their product in the market and based on the feedback, alternate arrangements can be ensured. 


One of the features of the product that is bound to attract buyers is that there are no custodial fees that are levied upon the physical product. Once the purchase is complete, the physical gold is maintained and safe-keeping in highly secure vaults in Switzerland. 

The additional commodities include hi-tech safety measures deployed to prevent cyber attacks and also 24/7 customer support to resolve any issues that may arise in the time. 


All these seem to set a very good trajectory path for tether’s gold to shine in the space.