Telegram Users May Have a ‘Bettergram’ To Watch Out For

BTC Wires: It almost seems like forever, since Telegrams has been acting as the headspring of the crypto community’s communication. This resourceful and utilitarian worldwide messaging application is responsible for the propagation of innumerable blockchain innovations. It has helped ICOs in reaching headlining pinnacles of success, and has at the same time, helped uncountable crypto enthusiasts find their perfect investment opportunity.

However, like it has been mentioned on several occasions, technology is built as a tool that inevitably needs to be replaced by an ‘upgraded’ technology. Telegrams has similarly inspired a superseding application than promises significant improvements over it, and has thusly been named- ‘Bettergram’.

For those readers who are still struggling with awry expressions, Bettergram is an inspired application that was recently launched to deliver users an enriched Telegram experience. The popularity of the straightforward and user-friendly application has soared to a level that they recently inflated investments worth $1.8 million dollars through private fundings. Consequently, their near future plans now include launching their very own digital payment system. A significant point of difference could be that, Bettergram is a tad bit more focused on crypto, as compared to Telegram.

How really is BETTERGRAM better?

Although the application runs on the same interface as Telegram, it still is somewhat an improved version of the Telegram interface. Despite the fact that it isn’t fully autonomous, Bettergram offers some super helpful features that apparently users will ‘ absolutely love’. Salient features of the application that qualify as improvements are as follow:

  • Where Telegram has provisions for pinning just 5 chats, Bettergram allows users to pin up 50 chats.
  • Bettergram allows users to sort different Telegram channels through multiple tabs like Favourites, PMs & DMs, Groups, and Announcement Channels.
  • Bettergram offer a built-in crypto Tracker that displays the top ten crypto assets. Although these are not as extensive as the typical big names, it’s still pretty neat.

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In conversation with a popular crypto news website, Bettergram Founder commented:

“So basically I built it because I was super frustrated at missing dms. Communication and networking with new people in crypto essentially goes at a snail’s pace on Telegram because every single person is in 800 groups and channels. Since the channels are more active than DMs, your important private messages (and potentially huge business deals/connections) often get lost.”

On being asked if Bettergram stands is competition with Telegram, the founder further said:

“Telegram is awesome. They let developers like me build out niched applications on their giant network. Bettergram is better for power users of Telegram because of the features it offers. If you’re in 1000 groups, you have to scroll through to find who messaged you on Telegram. With Bettergram, you just have to click the DM Tab. If enough people are using Bettergram, communication flow in this industry improves since you can read your DMs with 1 click. We hope to constantly reiterate and build the best messaging app we can, with the introduction of content integration like RSS feeds and Youtube video feeds.”