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Tel Aviv University To Establish Institute for Blockchain Applications

Tel Aviv University, in Israel, is all set to set up and institute that will concern itself with imparting more knowledge about blockchain technology, and all its uses in various sectors of the economy. The institute hopes to help its students in learning the ropes of the blockchain, by promoting research about cryptocurrencies and the technology in details. The institute will be the first of its kind, in Israel and one of the very few ones in the world.

The institute is to be named after Hogeg Moshe, who is one of the biggest investors in the country. He had donated about NIS 7 million to the university, which had been the reason this institute could be established. Moshe currently serves as the Chairman of Singulariteam and the CEO of Sirin Labs and is expressly satisfied that a link can be established between entrepreneurs, businesses, and the academia. He also said that for students of Israel are to compete with their overseas counterparts, the development of the educational sector is of prime importance.

The establishment of the Institute puts Tel Aviv University in the same ranks as some of the most prestigious universities in the world, like, Standford, MIT, Colombia University etc.

The institute where multidisciplinary studies will be promoted will facilitate communication and collaboration between the researchers from the university and academicians and industry leaders overseas. This will allow mutual interaction and the sharing of ideas to create an atmosphere conducive to the ensure the best development of the blockchain technology and look into how it can be integrated into different sectors like the medical sector, legal sector as well as governance.

The institute is also to run a master level course and organise conferences, seminars and webinars to encourage and train the upcoming set of entrepreneurs, content creators, developers, managers, and professionals about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.