Tech Mahindra Collaborates With Samsung To Use Their Nexledger Blockchain

Indian IT giant, Tech Mahindra, has shown significant interest in blockchain for quite a while now. Just last month we reported ‘Tech Mahindra Starts Training its Employees in Blockchain and Other Digital Tech‘.

As per recent news from local media, it seems the company has decided to collaborate with Korean tech giant Samsung. specifically with their systems integration arm ‘SDS’, in order to make use of their Nexledger blockchain platform in India, the United States and Europe. This is in line with Tech Mahindra’s attempt to expand into the overseas blockchain market.

For those wondering what the Nexledger blockchain is, it is a blockchain-based security platform that has been used in various fields such as manufacturing, logistics, finance and more. It was launched way back in 2017. Notably, the solution was put to use by the Korea Customs Service in its export customs logistics services.

According to the agreement, the two companies look to use this collaboration to expand their respective businesses in more regions. This seems like a mutually beneficial deal which would facilitate both the giants to draw from each other, in terms of resources and knowledge about their respective user base.

Samsung SDS has recently been in the news, ever since they announced that they will be launching their own blockchain accelerator technology, called Nexledger Accelerator, once a successful test with Hyperledger Fabric is conducted. This solution would reportedly make way for faster transaction processing speed.

Mahindra on the other hand is also no stranger to blockchain technology, since they have previously used IBM’s blockchain technology. They used that tech to create a solution for discounting invoices between its auto division and suppliers.

This tie up could spawn new opportunities in market expansion for both the tech giants. It is also encouraging to see big names in the tech industry, harness the potential of blockchain technology.