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Taking Communication the Interference-Free Way

The Communication of the Future:

Who is not interested in a new fresh communication and collaboration platform, based on P2P blockchain technology, free of shutdowns, government interference or regulations?
This project is brought to life by UCHIT, a platform that promises to revolutionize the way people communicate and collaborate online. Large teams of programmers, artists, musicians and many others can see the usefulness of UCHIT.

How Does It Work?

It will use Ethereum’s blockchain for transaction processing.
UCHIT will encrypt communications and allows users to interact with a fully decentralized
system. Since it works based on a Peer-to-peer network, all participants will be connected to each one another and be able to communicate as one wishes without a central authority.
Once the communication is fully established, peers can now start collaborating, share files and screens, host meetings, and do practically everything they need. This is huge because it removes the intermediary and allows people to collaborate directly with a huge set of useful tools that can take any project from small to succeed.

The ICO Process:

The UCHIT tokens (UCHT) are the core of the platform rewarding policies. The concept of earning UCHT is simple. Users are rewarded for some actions as they collaborate or communicate, like selling work templates or assets or responding to team joining requests. UCHT also can be used inside the platform to hire people into teams, request communication or files with another person, buy templates from freelancers, and the list goes on. With a maximum tokens supply of 712 350 000, the token sale has been divided in three stages before ICO, which start on April 1 and ends on May 31st 2018:
Stage 1: Expression of interest (from April 1 to 30th , minimum investment of 1 ETH. 50% bonus.)

Stage 2: Pre ICO (from May 1 to 13 with a 20% bonus + minimum investment of 0.01ETH)

Stage 3: Public Sale (From 15 to 31 May, with a 5% bonus and a minimum investment of 0.01 ETH).
The exchange is 1 UCHT=0.19 US$.

Vision and Special Features of the Project:

The UCHIT team always emphasizes decentralization as one of their emphasis. Promising to be the end-to-end solution for personal or professional communication to a range of people that range from families to investors and freelancers. Also a solution for professional collaboration between programmers, artists, and businessmen. UCHIT already has plans to expand their tools.

An example included in the project is a marketplace to find professionals and hire them to work as a team and also find pre-made assets or templates to start your own project.
Think big is also another main character in the UCHIT project. They aim to revolutionize the way the world thinks about communication, with the goal to become the leading file-sharing platform for users all around the globe.
The idea was born in December 2016, but it wasn’t until October 2017 that the complete analysis was done. The Platform is planned to be released in its final form in May 2020 with alpha and beta versions in 2018 and 2019. UCHIT team is led by Siddhant Dixit, who acquired the record in the Children’s Book of Records as the youngest founder of video gaming company. To get this project going, he brought with him his equip from his other company, CRASS Infotech, which is one of the leading ones in the gaming industry in South Asia.

ERC-20 Compatible
Total supply: 712 350 000
Symbol: UCHT
ICO Start date: 15 May 2018
ICO End date: 31th May 2018
ICO Price: 0.19 US$