Swisscom TV To Distribute Tokenized Art Pieces

Swisscom, a key player in the telecommunications industry of Switzerland, has recently announced its plans to use its “Swisscom TV” television network for the purpose of distributing tokenized forms of artwork. This development was announced by the company via a detailed press release.

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The release tells us that the first phase of this plan will see a limited number of artworks- initially just 100 pieces produced by 30 artists, will be made available exclusively on the Swisscom TV Box via the brand new NOOW app. Developed by Dloop, a tokenization start-up from the same country, NOOW can be used for accessing the artworks on the TV Box.

All the pieces that are being put up on the platform have been selected by Stefanie Marlene Wenger. Speaking about the development, she said in the press release:

“This is about more than creating a virtual gallery; the next step will be to include curated exhibitions on the platform and a close collaboration with galleries.”

From the time of its launch, the NOOW app reportedly lets users choose they pieces that they like and buy certified copies of such artwork, issued in limited numbers only. The press release says that the process of digitization is such that it allows for the original art to be tokenized without having to compromise on the quality in any way. In case of Swisscom’s distribution model “the owner receives a certificate of authenticity and knows how many copies of a work exist.”

The press release goes on to quote Basel artist Jonas Baumann, to highlight the benefits of digitizing the process of art distribution. He is quoted as saying the following:

“NOOW helps me to bring art to the screen. It also offers new creative opportunities to experiment with animated images and offer them to a wider audience.”