Street Artist Who Painted the Famous Mural Painting With BTC Puzzle Receives $4000 Tip

Remember the street mural painting on the streets of Paris which contained a hidden puzzle which when solved would lead to a Bitcoin address with 0.26 BTC. The painter behind the mural painting has received a $4,000 tip for his art.

Pascal Boyart, a French street artist and Bitcoin (BTC) supporter known for painting graffiti murals and especially his “Liberté Guidant le Peuple” received a lot of press from around the world and especially from the Bitcoin community. The artist hid a puzzle in his famous mural painting which when solved would lead to a crypto address containing 0.26 BTC as a reward.

The painting was made amid the uprising protests by citizens of France against an increased fuel tax. The protest got the name, “Yellow Vest Protest” because of the participants mainly belonging to the working class who rioting in the streets against the government wearing yellow vests.

During the same time, many Bitcoin enthusiasts encouraged the protestors to opt for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to stop their dependence on Banks and government-owned facilities. The Bitcoin enthusiasts believed that if enough people started using the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular, they might be able to crash the banking sector.

When the artist posted his mural painting on the Reddit, it took someone almost a week to finally solve the cryptic puzzle attached to it and get the 0.26 BTC reward along with it.

Pascal Boyart is Quite Familiar to Crypto Tippings

Pascal Boyart received a $4,000 tip for his Bitcoin address encrypted message, however, this was not the first time when Boyart received a tip for his artwork. Usually, the artist leaves a QR code to his Bitcoin wallet under his finished works and often receive tips from generous crypto enthusiasts.

Before receiving the recent $4,000 tip for his famous mural painting, Boyart has also received 0.14 Bitcoin (BTC), 5 Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and 1.25 Litecoin (LTC) in tips, totaling around $1,400.

Since most of these tips are in crypto form so usually he does know who the generous tipper is. However, he was quite excited over the recent tip and said that the amount is too much and never expected to receive such a high amount.