Microsoft's Azure Blockchain

Starbucks Sets Up to Track Their Coffee Production with Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain

Starbucks recently announced its partnership with Microsoft blockchain division, as reported on May 6th, 2019. The leading coffee company is all set to use Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain service for tracking their coffee production, according to the tech news site, Geekwire.

Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service is a completely-managed blockchain service aimed at simplifying the management, formation, and governance of the consortium blockchain networks so that businesses can concentrate on their workflow logic and application development.

With such a competitive blockchain technology, a lot of businesses have begun to take a try of it, and Starbucks too is no exception.

The news of Starbucks willing to use blockchain into their business began with Starbucks’ initiative of “bean to cup” last year. This initiative was the Starbucks’ plan to work with farmers in Rwanda, Colombia and Costa Rica, and use a blockchain-powered coffee tracking system. The system’s plan was to impart customers with the ability to track the complete supply chain of the coffee for the nation’s origin to their cup. It even plans to open up potential financial opportunities for these coffee bean farmers in several ways.

Then, the leading coffee company noted that their pilot program is set to be open source to make their findings available easily. For making this possible, the company turned to Microsoft and their blockchain Azure division.

The announcement of the partnership between Microsoft and Starbucks in several ways was made at the Microsoft Build Conference held yesterday. Some other projects that they have talked about include a predictive drive-thru ordering system, as well as implementing many Internet of Things equipment at so many Starbucks locations.