Stablecoins To Be The Next Wave of Crypto Invention

An interesting statement has been made by Luzius Meisser, a member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland board.

An economist and computer scientist and co-founder of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland, Meisser believes that the next wave of crypto innovation will be centred around stablecoins and security tokens. In an interview to a leading crypto news outlet, meisser outlines his views regarding what he thinks the future would look like in the crypto space.

As an active figure in the local crypto industry and a serving board member of the board of directors for crypto-focused asset management and brokerage firm Bitcoin Suisse AG, Meisser is a well known figure in the Switzerland crypto space.

Meisser belives that initial coin offering (ICOs) will have more rights in the future. The sector will undergo a significant change and have a more legitimate status in the market. He said:

“I would say payment and utility tokens are more or less over, sometimes they make sense.”

He believes that stablecoins are an important future asset because of the features that they offer. The payment or utility tokens and also security tokens, have proven their mettle in the market. He sees them as an important pillar of the blockchain industry in the future. He further stated:

“Stablecoins are a precondition to enable average companies to bring their equity onto the blockchain, because if they issue bonds or shares they want to do so against U.S. dollars, euros or Swiss francs, because those are the currencies they calculate in, not Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).”

Meisser also said that Swiss banks so not wish to take any risks, which is why they keep their distance from crypto.

Back in September 2018, the Winklevoss Twins had launched a stablecoin for their Gemini bitcoin exchange. A Goldman Sachs-backed crypto group, Circle, also partnered with the US bitcoin exchange, Coinbase, to launch a USD Coin. This clearly shows that stablecoins are catching up in the market and being considered as worthwhile investments.