Springrole Partners With AmaZix: Blockchain Advisory Firm Meets Employee Verification Tools

Springrole, an employee verification expert based in blockchain technology, has tied up with AmaZix, a blockchain advisory firm. Springrole, which is often deemed to be akin to LinkedIn in the world of blockchain, is taking a step forward by bringing its expertise to the tasks of advisory firm AmaZix.

The Springrole platform is still only available in its beta stage, and it has already managed to bag this valuable partnership long before it is due to be rolled out in the second quarter of this year.

About The Companies


Springrole is a blockchain-based decentralized network of professionals that allows for employee profiles and skill records to be verified, validated and attested from a wide range of professional and academic contacts. Providing control of data solely to the users, Springrole seeks to revolutionise how the professional world functions.

According to its website, their mission is:

“To build a connected world that is genuine and trustworthy. We seek to live in a world where the information that we read online is trustable even if we are unable to personally verify it. SpringRole is the platform that furthers that vision by focusing on having verified professional profiles. By collating authentic and genuine users’ professional profiles worldwide, SpringRole’s vision is to put data control back in the hands of users.”

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AmaZix is an advisory firm that aid crypto and blockchain startups attract investments from suitable parties. It provides consultancy services to that effect and provides services like community management.

According to its website:

“The industry experts at AmaZix have helped 100+ cryptocurrency startups raise over a combined $1.3B.”

Statements from Officials

Naturally, officials from both the parties sounded equally excited about the new partnership.

The CMO of AmaZix, Kenneth Berthelsen, sounded convinced that mutual benefits were extremely likely from this partnership. He said:

“Security, especially when dealing with the digital version of your professional persona, is of utmost importance. SpringRole places trust in blockchain technology, which is all about secure design: immutable, tamper-proof and democratic. Having worked closely with SpringRole, we are excited to use the service we have helped to build and look forward to the benefits it will bring our employees.”

Kartik Mandaville, who is the founder of Springrole also expressed similar sentiments. He said:

“We are delighted to take our partnership with AmaZix to the next level, as they adopt the SpringRole protocol. SpringRole promotes trust between people and companies, and we would not have been able to develop our service without the expertise of AmaZix. This new phase of our partnership will help the further development of the SpringRole service, as the full platform launches later this year.”