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Spain Pushes for Leveraging Blockchain in Government Sector

In the latest report coming from Spain about the blockchain industry, it has been reported that according to the ruling party of Spain, the Spanish government must employ the use of blockchain technology in the country’s public administration so that they can operate like a well-oiled machine and with increased efficiency.

133 deputies from the Spanish Popular Party submitted a proposal related to blockchain to the Congress of Deputies last week. The Congress of Deputies comes in the lower chamber of the Parliament of Spain. According to public documents, the proposal consisted of recommendations made to the government about introducing the blockchain technology “with the aim of improving internal processes and [providing] traceability, robustness and transparency in decision making.” The document also went on to add, “The introduction of blockchain – in administrative concessions, contracting or internal processes – will encourage greater control, traceability and transparency in the processes. In addition, the use of this technology can also bring extra revenue to the Administration through the promotion of new models of exchange of rights in sectors such as logistics, tourism or infrastructure.” 

The lawmakers and the Spanish ruling party also suggest that private and public blockchain models be built for the betterment of the secondary markets for services and goods. This will, in turn, favor the markets in increasing their overall productivity, reducing the costs and encouraging them to create specialized employment for job seekers.

In the same vein, the proposal goes on to suggest the government to facilitate a training program for all developers. The ultimate goal is to enhance their skills and implementation to the greatest extent possible so that these recommendations and proposal could really work in the long run. Although the proposal cited plenty of examples to support its use of the blockchain technology, it did not elucidate any concrete timeline, scheme or elaborate plan on how the suggestions would be implemented.