SpaceChain launches the 2nd generation of Space Node.

SpaceChain is a Chinese based new entrant into the Space Industry. It mainly focuses on making open-source blockchain based satellite network. The company first came into existence in 2017. The platform focuses on creating a network of satellites on the famous blockchain technology. They believe that it will create a new sense of compatibility among others to explore the Space and beyond. Through this decentralized and secured network in outer space, SpaceChain is trying to bring in a revolution in the Space industry.

The SpaceChain is not short on knowledge or resources, some of the prominent investors on board include Jeff Garzik, former Bitcoin core developer and CEO of Bloq, as well as Tim Draper, a renowned venture capitalist who has invested in SpaceX, Tesla, Theranos and Thumbtack.

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On Oct 25, it successfully launched the second version into the outer orbit. The outer space node currently started out small trials and in later part will start extensive testing. The Space Node was delivered by the CZ-4B launch vehicle, from Xinzhou, China. SpaceChain achieved this feat in association with Tibet Zezheng Information Technology Co. Ltd. and Beijing Xinhua Science and Technology Co. Ltd.

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What is The Purpose of this launch?

The Space Node consists of a smart SpaceChain OS, created specifically for running and executing Blockchain based tests in outer space on a quantum blockchain. SpaceChain said that the main reason for this launch is to test different computational calculations of blockchain based encrypted data transmission in space.

The main purpose of this launch is to test a set of an open-sourced network of hardware, software, different communication protocols for different lower orbit satellites. The node will be a first of its kind as it will be available for anyone and everyone once it has been tested. The developers believe that unique cryptography and blockchain technology can make complex subjects like space exploration feasible for all. As a visionary, they want to make space collaboration and exploration a reality in the future.