South Korea Examines Blockchain Implications in Military

The South Korean government has started to examine the use-cases of Blockchain Technology in its military projects. A team has been set up to look for different possibilities of integrating blockchain solutions into the defense industry.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has proposed a plan for encouraging both small and large project tenders based on the blockchain, and provide an initial fund of $53,000 to each of them.

South Korea isn’t the first country to propose Blockchain solutions for its military projects, earlier United States and Russia also instigated various blockchain based military strategies, especially in the military communication sector, proving the importance and adoption level of the Technology has peaked new highs.

South Korea Moving Near the Fourth Industrial Revolution With Blockchain

British news outlet Jane’s Information Group, a British publishing company specializing in military, aerospace and various defense-related topics, has commented on the latest developments in South Korea, calling the military project proposals in line with South Korea’s Fourth industrial revolution

Recently, the  Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the US agency responsible for the research and development of emerging technologies for the use of military has sent out a Request for information (RFI), to find some implication of Distributed Ledger protocols.

Earlier this year, the US government also made use of Blockchain based Decentralized application (DApps) for voting. The military personals posted outside the country cast their votes from a remote location, with the help of the application called Voatz. A total of 144 military personals stationed in 24 countries were able to make use of DApp.

Final Thoughts

The last year’s crypto trade market debacle has finally diverted the attention from Bitcoin towards the underneath blockchain Technology. Various governments around the globe are looking for different blockchain solutions in different sectors which has been following the old-age traditional methods for quite long.

Many analysts and people who understand the economy and the impact of emerging technologies are certain that Blockchain would be the crusader of a new change, which would bring in the fourth industrial revolution. blockchain can touch and reshape a number of the established sector which are plagued by human greed. some of the sectors which would definitely see the change includes,