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Soulja Boy Sings About Bitcoin in his New Rap song

The news of Bitcoin and its buzz has knocked the entertainment industry. The world famous rapper Soulja Boy is one of the first individuals from the entertainment world that mentioned ‘Bitcoin’ in his new rap song. In his fourth studio album this week under Young Drako, his alter ego, is gaining hype with its unique sound and also the track is dedicated to Bitcoin.

The mainstream culture and crypto relationship is one of the captivating development in 2018 as celebrities, footballers, boxers and musicians are being linked to a wide spectrum of altcoins and ICO projects.

One of the weeks biggest hit and the fourth track on the Young Drako record has its name ‘Bitcoin’, and it is released by the SODMG records and Palm Entertainment on October 4. The song is sure good enough to seek the attention of most of the crypto enthusiasts.

The song track contained lines regarding crypto and bitcoin such as “I made a hundred racks ($100,0000) off of bitcoin. You can catch me running up the bitcoin,” and “I spent 6,000 on the bitcoin,” it seems that Soulja Boy had made some gains when Bitcoin was its peak at the back-end of 2017. The song also includes allusion of  PayPal and Cash App, which shows the rapper might not be up to date with the latest crypto payment gateway apps and software currently in the marketplace.

Although Soulja Boy may be the first rapper to include Bitcoin in a title of a track, crypto has been mentioned by other hip-hop artists in this year as well. The world famous Eminem in his newly released album Kamikaze referenced cryptocurrencies as well by saying: Remember everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin.

Soulja Boy first created influence with his new music video, Crank That,  becoming a YouTube sensation in September 2007, which currently has over 365 million YouTube view.