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Smartlands Platform Sees Tokens As The Assets Of Future

Based on the Stellar network, Smartlands is working on the development of a fully compliant platform that carries out strict KYC and AML rules and regulations.

According to a partner at CMS, Sam Robinson,

“We at CMS strongly believe that security tokens are set to revolutionize commerce in the digital space, but we do also recognize the legal challenges that lie ahead, with global compliance being at the top of the list. In Smartlands Platform, we saw a company with the unique technical expertise to create an investment platform that utilizes the security token technology in compliance with the regulatory obligations.”

Smartlands is focused on expanding its tokenized assets along with the rising number of players who are thriving to make every asset in the world from artwork to jewellery to stocks to commercial real estate and homes. They are all valued and tradable on secure blockchains.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities appeal to both traditionalists as well as blockchain entrepreneurs.

Where decentralized cryptocurrencies can create a parallel economy that functions outside of the centralized banking system, tokenized securities can be combined with the current financial landscape, allowing institutional investors, investment bankers and hedge fund managers to transfer the value more transparently and efficiently through digitized assets. Instead of challenging the complete status quo, tokenized securities are set to increase it.

The Smartlands Platform CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda says,

“For the Smartlands Platform to reach its projected goals and successfully trade tokenized assets on the Stellar network requires comprehensive legal expertise that leaves absolutely no room for interpretation. We’ve been working tirelessly on establishing a legal framework for our future tokenization projects, and CMS is going to be immensely helpful in expediting that goal. In this day and age when trading security tokens is still a grey area in many crucial respects, this type of ironclad advice must come only from a reputable source with years of experience and a sound business outlook on the future of security tokens.”