Skype Integrates XRP

Skype Might Soon Integrate XRP into its Platform to Send Micro-Transactions

Weiss, a financial assets rating agency, has announced that Microsoft’s communication application, Skype, may soon integrate XRP into its platform, enabling users to tip one another and send micro-transactions by means of the XRP TipBot.

The XRP TipBot that was created by XRPL Labs is as of now utilised on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. The expansion of support for Skype likewise observed the formation of a post on the Skype forum that mentioned support for XRP, and the post got more than 2,000 votes.

Microsoft that owns Skype is additionally trying blockchain innovation, and a few undertakings utilise its Azure cloud platform.

Tipping services have developed in prominence as of late, with it currently being conceivable to tip Twitter users with the assistance of the Lightning Network. Peer-to-Peer user transactions are gradually taking off as developers offer users the services they need.

Weiss Ratings discharged a report recently that appraised a few digital currencies depending on their general standpoint and their innovation/adoption. Bitcoin was joined at the top by XRP and EOS, with Ethereum coming next to both as far as in overall rating and technology/adoption.