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SingularDTV Rebrands, Inks Deal with Renowned American Directors

One of the most renowned Blockchain firms in the film industry, SingularDTV has rebranded itself as Breaker.

As per a report published on February 4, 2019, SingularDTV has also inked deals with two venerated directors, namely Steven Soderbergh and David Lynch.

Industries across the world, including Hollywood, are deploying Blockchain Technology to help streamline processes and enhance productivity.

Even though many are of the view that online streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix pose a big threat to the movie industry, however, the box office still remains a force to reckon with.

Many experts believe that the film industry will grow to a whopping USD 50 billion in one year’s time.

The New York-based SingularDTV was envisioned with the aim of becoming one of the world’s premier Blockchain-based film studios. It was established in 2016, and some key personalities such as Cosensys’s CEO and Ethereum’s Co-Founder played an integral role in its development.

SingularDTV had grabbed eyeballs with the release of a controversial documentary titled ‘Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain’ in 2018.

The short film explores why traditional financial institutions are afraid of Blockchain Technology, and how the revolutionary tech holds the potential to improves the lives of the underprivileged.

The native token of the company, SNGLS, has a total market capitalization of approximately USD 6.38 million, and the token is trading at the price of USD 0.010635 (at the time of writing the news).

SNGLS had even amassed a total valuation of USD 250 million during the legendary late 2017 crypto market bull run.

Even though SingularDTV has repackaged itself as Breaker, however, the company has made it clear that the mission still remains the same- empowerment of content developers through a Blockchain-driven ecosystem.

In the offing is the release of the Breaker-produced movie called ‘The Happy Worker’ whose executive producer is the well known American filmmaker David Lynch. Lynch had notably directed the 1980 Oscar-nominated movie called ‘The Elephant Man.’

Well, it remains to be seen what the rebranding of the SingularDTV has in store for the movie lovers. One thing’s clear though, in the world of tomorrow, which will be more and more incentive-driven, Breaker holds a lot of potentials to disrupt the existing industry.