Single Application Sidechain – The Next Big Thing in Blockchain Technology?

The Blockchain technology is relatively new when compared to some other form of mainstream technologies and its implementations. So, we can assume that with time it will get polished and get better in the near future. Today we have hoards of different platforms and businesses being built on the blockchain architecture. Many have realized that blockchain based tech have only one ecosystem, and many services run on them simultaneously without having a separate or specific set of requirements.

Take your cell phone, for example, the Android or iOS is the platform, and different applications have different power consumption model. You don’t use the same RAM and processing power for using your camera and playing the game. How do you think, you would feel if the time taken for loading a massive game on your phone is the same as opening the Camera application? Right, so in layman’s term blockchain needs more refining to incorporate different services on the platform with different specifics. This is where the Single Application Sidechain comes into the picture.

What is Single Application Sidechain?

Single Application Sidechain can be viewed as a co-blockchain, which has been specifically designed for a process. The sidechain is a small co-ecosystem which can stand alone. Let’s continue with the above example. We don’t want to waste the same computational power on a game and the camera, so what do we do? We create different software applications, specifically to handle the processing and computational skills separately. You create a separate application for your camera and the game within the main OS platform. So, when you click on camera application, your Android/iOS knows what computational power has been allocated and perform the task without affecting on the performance of other.

In the above example, the Android/iOS is the main blockchain while the separate software applications created are the Single Application Sidechain.

How can it be Put to Use for Big Corporations?

Any new technology is incorporated over the preceding ones, only if it proves to be better in implementation and use. The modern corporations are dealing with different problems today and Blockchain alone cannot resolve the issues. The single Application sidechain network can provide a solution for many such problems faced by the significant corporation.

Date Management & Privacy:

Big corporations of today, spent a lot of resources in Data Management, to make sure what kind of data is accessible to whom and how they can make amendments to it. As of today, data is like gold for tomorrow. So, no cooperation would like their data to be mishandled, at the same time they can exhaust the majority of the resources in safeguarding it. This is where a single application sidechain can be put to use. You can create a chain of such Single Application Blockchain with each of them designed to handle specific data models. This way they have the Privacy where they need it.

Customized Side Chains to incorporate the needs:

Big corporations need more than just security and transparency to run its organization. A big corporation cannot put its day to day operations on a blockchain for these simple reasons. This is where the Sidechain Network can be put to best use. They can create and set a network of single application sidechain attached to the main Blockchain to run their operations. Not only that, if a particular process need to be stalled and another to be added, all can be done by incorporating Single Application Sidechain.

Final Thoughts:

The implementation of an idea from paper to practical use is a big ask and takes several attempts to reach a point of satisfaction. Single Application Sidechain is one such example, easier said than done. Currently, some of the most famous blockchains does not provide such requirements to push big corporations to push for the Blockchain based services.

Aelf is one such blockchain which has gone the furthest and implemented single application blockchain into their blockchain ecosystem. According to Aelf, the technology helped them incorporate cluster node and parallel processing, which in turn helps in scalability of the sidechain network.