Shop at Sephora, Get Your First Bitcoin: The Lolli App Shows You How

As women glam up using the snazziest of make up essentials from their favourite cosmetic stores this holiday season, they can also make some profit on the side. This has become possible because of an app. This app, called Lolli, lets women fill up their crypto wallets along with their beauty kits. What’s more exciting about the whole affair, is the fact that luxury cosmetics brand Sephora has also reportedly joined Lolli recently.

Sephora is a brand that is greatly loved and sought after by women worldwide and its addition to Lolli is sure to send all of them into a tizzy. Given that make up is anything but cheap, it is all the more exciting for the shoppers to be able to purchase their favourite products from Lolli where they can also earn their first Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s market price, even at such a gloomy and bearish season, is over $3000 at the moment, meaning that if someone wins even one Bitcoin, their make up needs would be taken care of without worrying too much about the cost.

While the app had not been much of a hit with the ladies initially, the onboarding of Sephora is expected to drastically change that. Most women who enjoy using make up are crazy about Sephora and this multinational cosmetic chain’s inclusion should prove to be a great incentive for the women to shop on this app.

Lolli CEO Alex Adelman has been quoted as saying that:

“We’ve gone back to a lot of these retailers that previously were not interested but now are coming on-board. One of the biggest ones that just joined us is Sephora, which adds an entire suite of retailers in the beauty category.”

How do women earn the Bitcoin using Lolli? Well, the partner retailers usually pay a certain amount towards customer referrals and these amounts are ploughed in by Lolli to give out Bitcoin to shoppers. Bitcoin can easily be cashed and has become a great inducer for people to shop on Lolli.