Second Largest Stock Exchange of Germany Rolls Out Bison, A Crypto Trading App

The Boerse Stuttgart Group, which is the second largest stock exchange in all of Germany has sent out a tweet announcing to the world that it is officially launching Bison, a brand new crypto trading app. This announcement was made on 31st January, 2019.

As we had reported last year in the month of August, this stock exchange had begun setting up its crypto infrastructure back then and it seems to be finally rolling out their crypto trading mobile app.

The tweet, originally in German, when translated to English, reads as:

“Light on, curtain open: BISON IS HERE!
Available now in German app stores: (link: … #launch #release #finance #btc #release #start #crypto #cryptocurrency #innovation #eth #xrp #LTC”

The official web page of the brand new app tells us that the basic software underlying it was coded by the FinTech Sowa Labs, which itself is a subsidiary working under the stock exchange Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures.

The developers’ original plan was reportedly to make sure crypto can reach out to investors who are usually used to making investments in the space of traditional finance. Keeping this aim in mind, they have designed an app that should ideally meet user convenience standards with great ease.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this app is that it will be providing absolutely free trading for some of the most popular and key crypto coins in the market. These include the top three of the crypto market, namely Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP). In addition, the free trading option is also available for Litecoin (LTC).

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An escrow service will also be available with the app and this additional service will be provided by Blocknox, another subsidiary of the Boerse Stuttgart Stock Exchange.

Initially, right after its launch, this app will only be available to German users and that too only within the 6 am to 12 am time window (CET).

However, the company is planning the rollout of a 24 hour service. Soon, the app is also expected to be available in other European countries, possibly by the end of 2019. More crypto options are also likely to be added.