Searches For “Bitcoin” Higher Than “Kim Kardashian”

According to a research conducted by YouGov, more people searched for “Bitcoin” on Google than the results of 2018 US congressional elections, the Royal wedding and even Kim Kardashian. At the time of repoting, Bitcoin has the benefit of a 3:1 search ratio over the celebrity who “broke the internet” according to Google Trends.

Last year, Bitcoin awareness reached the tipping point for the first time with 58% of Americans claiming that they have heard of Bitcoin when they were given a list of various cryptocurrencies beforehand.

“On average, Google users have searched for Bitcoin more often than they sought out info on Kim K., and that number is only trending upwards. In late June — as prices climbed — Google searches for Bitcoin surged to almost three times higher than searches for Kardashian.”

The highest concentration of crypto holders can be found in California, New Jersey, and Washington, with New York close behind in the fourth spot.

Then one respondent was asked why they had an interest in cryptocurrency, they said it made a lot more sense than investing in bonds, stocks, and over-priced real-estate. He said,

“A lot of the best opportunities in the stock market are only available to accredited investors, which is a tiny part of the American population. Cryptocurrency is available to everyone.”

Although, according to Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsely this sudden surge of Bitcoin might prove to be more a bane than a boon. The sudden upward movement of price might be dangerous.

This cautious sentiment was incidentally followed by a loss of $83 billion in the crypto market in a day.

One must note that the scope of the study was not that wide. A total of just, 2,000 internet users over the age of 18 were polled. Thus, these numbers could fluctuate greatly upon further inspection.