Samsung’s Flagship Phone Might Just Have Built-in Crypto Wallet

Samsung’s popularity has reached monumental heights lately and as one of the most well known smartphone brands, news about their upcoming batch of phones is one of the most exciting topics to do the rounds within tech circles.

The Galaxy S10, which is the company’s flagship phone slated for a release next month, might be offering an exciting new feature. These phones may be equipped with a built in crypto wallet.

As per reports from Verge, with than a month to go before the Samsung Galaxy S10 release date, new images were leaked by Twitter user Ben Geskin which seemed to have given off the impression that the upcoming phone will have these features.customers some clue on what to expect from the upcoming phone.

The leaked photos however were not  conclusive enough to reveal much details about the app, though it was mentioned that the wallet will have biometric authentication, to ensure security.

TechRadar has also released a report which contains more rumored features and information on the upcoming Samsung flagship smartphone. According to the report, the new phone will be a significant upgradation as compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S9. It may be the first phone to run on the more powerful Snapdragon 855 chipset.

Another exciting change which may be found in the new model is that it will sport an all-screen display with an even smaller bezel on top as well as an “Infinity-O” hole-punch at the top right corner for the selfie camera.

Of course, these are all rumours and as for the actual specs and features of the phone, they will be officially released during its launch on February 20, 2019.

Samsung has not yet revealed the price of the phone which won’t be available in the market before 8th March.